Keto and Gluten Free Snacks to Try

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‘Tis the sea-son for adventure, healthy and delicious food, and taking good care of momma earth! However, all of the above are always in season for us at Williwaw! This is why we are producing upcycled, keto-friendly, and gluten-free snacks that deliver the spirit of Patagonia in every bag.

Why go gluten-free and keto?

First, let’s reel in why gluten-free and keto snacks can make your body and soul feel healthier and happier. For people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, eating gluten-free snacks is essential as gluten triggers the immune system to attack the small intestine. Over time, people with untreated celiac disease can develop osteoporosis and iron deficiency anemia, and other autoimmune disorders such as extreme fatigue and infertility. For our celiac friends, eating gluten-free is a big deal.

There are also plenty of people who are gluten-sensitive; they experience short-term digest discomfort after eating gluten, but it doesn’t cause harm to their body. But why snack on something that makes you feel gross when you could eat a nutrition-dense Salmon Cracklet that leaves you feeling ah-mazing?! Salmon Cracklets don’t have to just be consumed in chip form, either. Missing your bagels? Take a crack at making a 100% grain, nut, and dairy-free circle of goodness! 

Now, let’s dive into the ketogenic world. The Keto Diet has been making big waves lately and giving us all some food for thought. Many studies show that eating low carb, moderate protein, and high fat (the core of the keto diet) can help you lose weight, improve your health, and may even reduce your risk for certain cancers. Our sustainably sourced salmon skin is naturally low carb, high in protein, and overflowing in healthy fats––making it the perfect keto snack!

Curious to find more keto and gluten free snacks that fit your lifestyle and health needs?

We are in the company of people providing healthy, sustainably sourced, gluten-free, and keto-friendly food products. Check out: 

  • Power Provisions: Delicious soups are low carb and packed with bone broth, collagen, and MCT oil. Nature’s best in a cup that can be made for the on-the-go life!
  • Upcycled Okara Flour: Enjoy gluten-free, keto-friendly, and upcycled baked goodness with this amazing product from Renewal Mill.
  • Williwaw Foods: Your favorite upcycled keto and gluten-free snack made from the nutritious skin of salmon from Patagonia.

Your search for upcycled, gluten-free, and keto snacks is over! Swim over to our store now!