Clean up and reduce waste in September (and all year long!)

Dear Williwaw-er, 
We cordially invite you to (actively) celebrate our dear friend - The Earth! World Cleanup Day and International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste!

When: September (and every single day!)
Where: Your community

The Williwaw Family

Yep, we invite you to a special month for us and our planet! Williwaw was born out of the need for reducing food waste. Doing things to keep our oceans and lands clean is at the heart of our company! This is why we ask you to join us in celebrating World Cleanup Day (Sept. 15) and International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (Sept. 29). 

World Cleanup Day

Party with 50 million volunteers from 180 countries – yep, that is a massive party! On September 15th and clean up our world n World Cleanup Day! In most things of life, you can always go to plan B. But there is no planet B when it comes to our earth. Your actions today really do make a difference, and everyone can do something. Here are some ways you can get involved in World Cleanup Day, even if you can’t leave your home! You can also find events happening in your country and local organizations that are taking action! So stop trash talking and start trashing picking on #WorldCleanupDay!

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

Did you know that if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases? (U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization) Taking a bite out of this significant issue is one of the reasons Williwaw was created! It is also why we are proud to join companies and nonprofits creating high-quality and healthy upcycled food products. Upcycled foods are one of the most impactful ways to help the environment because it reduces food waste. The less food we waste, the fewer resources we need to make more food. This means using less water, land, trees, Co2 gases, oil, human labor, etc. To get a snapshot of this worldwide issue, check out this shocking stat: 40% of food is wasted daily in the USA, costing about $218 billion each year. (Natural Resources Defense Council) Curious to learn more? Get the low-down via our blog on upcycling

The first International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste was September 29, 2020, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that created a global wake-up to the need to transform and rebalance the way our food is produced and consumed. Stop food loss and waste. For the people. For the planet. Join the movement with these International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste social media graphics and learn more about the importance of reducing food waste here.

Be a planet hero every single day!

Saving the planet is a big responsibility, but you aren’t doing it alone. Everyone can make a few positive ripples that will lead to rivers of change that connect around our world! You also can take part in cleaning up our world and reducing food waste, every single day – not just World Cleanup Day or International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste day. And always remember that one delicious and healthy way to take action for a more sustainable and cleaner world is by eating Williwaw Salmon Cracklets!