Williwaw Food from Patagonia is a Chilean company founded by a group of friends, Kayakists, sailors, but principal lovers of the sea and nature and with a wide experience in the local food industry and international markets.

We manage two processing plants, one in Santiago and another in the Patagonian Island of Chiloé.


It all started on a kayak expedition in Laguna Verde in the region of Aisén, it was the penultimate day and it rained. Already exhausted from rowing, we stopped at the mouth of a river to camp. While some of us were preparing the camp, others went fishing (we thought it was an excuse to avoid the harder tasks!) And to everyone’s surprise they came back with a large Chinook Salmon. We immediately prepare it, cleaned it, removed the scales, and slapped it on and improvised grill.

While we waited for it to be ready, we saw the skin begin to crackle and soon become irresistible to the hunger pangs, we began to pick out the pieces of skin that looked crispy.

To everyone’s surprise it was delicious. I remember the look on my friends’ faces as they tried it.

Weeks later we met again to see the photos of that expedition and invited family and friends over and one of the group arrived with a few salmon fillets to cook on the grill. Together with friends and family we ate the skins again remembering that epic day and again the skins were the sensation!

It was there when we decided that we had to do something with the skins. We investigated and found out that the Salmon industry gave little or no value to them and we had the best recipe for Williwaw Salmon Cracklet … The rest is history.

More than 3 years have passed since that day, and today we are building a new processing plant and next to initiating our first exports to Asian and North American markets.