Williwaw Foods is a Chilean company founded by a group of friends who were inspired to create this innovative snack while exploring the mountains and rivers of Patagonia. 

The three partners have a combined fifty years of experience in sustainable sourcing, local farming and food industry, and international markets. 

Our two workshops are based in Santiago, Chile and the Patagonian Island of Chiloé.


Williwaw’s story begins on the final day of a kayaking trip on Laguna Verde, a region of Aisén. As heavy rainfall began to encroach on the ultimate leg of our journey, my fellow weary adventurers and I succumbed to our hunger and exhaustion. Locating an inviting patch of land along the riverbank, we quickly rowed to shore to set up camp. While half of our team pitched tents and collected firewood, the rest of us went fishing. 

We returned to camp with a large Chinook Salmon. Immediately we began preparing the fish, cleaning and removing the scales, then slapped it on our improvised grill. 

As the salmon cooked, the skin began to crisp and crackle. Overcome by hunger pangs, we started eating crispy portions of the skin.  To everyone’s surprise, it was delicious! We had stumbled upon something that we wanted to share with the world.”

Three years later, we have added thirteen employees to the Williwaw family, opened two facilities, and have expanded into North American Markets.