How its made

Williwaw Salmon Cracklet is a salmon skin snack which has as its only ingredient the clean skin of salmon. The production begins in the clean and cool waters of Patagonia.

The skins are selected one by one, in processing plants with high quality standards which allows our product to be commercialised in every market of the world. After the selection comes the preparation of the skins, to be subsequently subjected to a baking process and finally, a touch of extra virgin olive oil and natural flavours to be finally packed.

who is it for?

Active people looking for a high consumption of protein.

People who value consuming collagen and want to include it in their daily diet in a novel way.

A great snack for celiacs.

  • Everyone who wants a new product, gourmet and crispy, that works perfectly on the go or to surprise guests with a twist to the usual snack food.
  • Everyone who values a healthy lifestyle and has the conviction that we have to wisely and respectfully source the food that nature gives us.