How Its Made

Beginning in the crystal clear glacial waters of Patagonia, our salmon are carefully selected and sustainably sourced. Each bag of Salmon Cracklet is meticulously prepared by hand. 

Skins are placed on baking sheets and are then hand-brushed with extra virgin olive oil. After a careful cutting process, the cracklet is then dredged with savory, natural flavors and sea salt. Once each batch has passed a quality check, the Salmon Cracklet is weighed, packaged, and shipped.

All members of the Williwaw family are trained to the highest standards of safety and quality, earning HACCP certification.

A Healthy Option for Everyone

Salmon Cracklet contains high amounts of protein – an ideal snack for active people seeking a source of healthy, nutritionally rich ingredients

Consciously created, Salmon Cracklet is a great option for people who practice gluten-free, keto, pescatarian, and unrestricted diets.

A great source of collagen, Salmon Cracklet promotes healthy joints, strong bones, improved muscle mass, a healthy heart, digestive health, and glowing skin.


Our ingredients are healthy and straightforward— just fish, virgin olive oil, sea salt, and natural flavors.